“But if thought corrupts language, language can also corrupt thought.”

George Orwell


correction, rewriting,


As a Dr. phil. of German Studies, a literary studies scholar, and a historian, I correct your texts and manuscripts with the utmost discretion regardless of the genre.

On the formal and content-related aspects of your text, I check, assess, and provide constructive suggestions for improvement: for example, regarding the structure of the text as a whole, the grammatical structures in detail, the orthography, the punctuation as well as the phrasing or the stylistics. 

My focus lies invariably on the addressee-oriented semantics, appropriate to the occasion, aiming to convince the other party with plausibility.

On the background of an objective-oriented approach, I provide assessments and summaries of the submitted material. While aiming for a valuable rewriting, I carry out the supportive production or the new version of texts.

You will receive quality work due to the high degree of flexibility in terms of time, the rapid and precise implementation, and the deadline guarantee with which I address your assignment.


speechwriter, copywriter, 


The term 'rhetoric' is generally understood as the theory of the effective composition of a speech.

The success of a speech does not result solely from the contents and the information conveyed, but it rather depends on the way in which this content, this information is transmitted, on the stringency of the structure and an 'appealing' stylistic design.

Regarding the topic of speech writing, I have experience in the field of scientific research, in the area of politics, in economics, in the professional world, and in adult education as well as in associations and the written media.

If desired, I will aid with the written and oral preparation of an interview, a lecture, a presentation, and an event-related speech of any form and type, from the joint development of ideas to the creation and presentation of a script, project or product, up to a differentiated composition and habituation of full performance.


advisory, training,



I work in the private sector. Regular coaching and training courses for the ongoing further qualification of the employees are a matter of course there.

The need-based impact aspect, i.e., the requirement to be able to present oneself well and eloquently is becoming increasingly important. In addition to the factual and problem-oriented creation of texts and speech contributions, I am also guided by the interest of filling the future or already created script with life reflecting the author himself.

Specifically, this means: I happily go with you through where your strengths and weaknesses lie in writing as well as in the oral presentation and will thus contribute sustainably to the promotion of your self-reliant communicative performance.

The aim is to build up emotional stability, sustainable motivation and the development of resistance to individuality-related insecurities.